This changes EVERYTHING (or: I have a bandcamp page)

Hello friends,

To those of you that have bought the cd already, MASSIVE THANK YOU. It's been so cool to see people sharing and listening and enjoying it. I can't really explain that feeling to you, but just know that it's super cool.  

Some of you have bought it from iTunes, some of you have bought it from Amazon, some of you have streamed it on Spotify, and maybe like one of you is rich enough to have Tidal and enjoy it on there. Regardless of how you have it, thank you and I hope you enjoy it! But I wanted to let you all know that there is one other option that I haven't shared. I have a Bandcamp page ( where you can listen to all of the songs, not just a preview, before you buy it. If you don't have iTunes or Spotify but still want the cd, this is for you. Even if you do have those other things, Bandcamp allows you to download the full, lossless audio files (in .wav format) for those of you that care about audio stuff like that. The BIGGEST thing is that it is 1 WHOLE DOLLAR CHEAPER THAN ANYWHERE ELSE. That's right, an extra $1 in YOUR pocket to spend on whatever you'd like. All those fat cats in Washington did NOT want me to do that, but Uncle Trey watches out for the little guy. So if you are interested in my music, kind of interested in my music, know someone interested in my music, or just like a good deal, go head over to my Bandcamp page and buy the cd there. Not only can you get the best audio quality, but you will save a WHOLE $1 that you could use on gum, kleenex, one guitar pick, four plays on a jukebox, etc. The sky really is the limit. Enjoy!