LATELY - 2.15.16

Hello friends.

How are you? I'm doing great, thanks for asking. If you clicked on this page, it might be because I forcefully asked you to do so on facebook/twitter/instagram/real life. If so, thanks for that! That's super cool of you. Which brings me to my only point, really: I have a new cd coming out. On February 15th, to be exact. JUST in time for all those last minute Valentine's Day gifts you have to buy. I'm not good with dates.

Some of you might know me from other musical projects I've done, but this cd is a brand new adventure for me. I've been writing songs for almost 10 years now, and this is my first time recording what I would like to call the "pop/singer-songwriter/trying-to-be-like-john-mayer" genre. So the question you really need to ask yourself is this:

are you tired of the same old thing?

No?? Awesome, me neither! This is your standard singer/songwriter pop music that capitalizes on the way-out-there themes of life and love. Not to sell this collection short by any means. I am super proud of this. I think the songwriting speaks for itself and the production is absolutely stellar (thanks a lot, everyone else who did work on this record). These are songs that I've had for years and have finally gotten around to recording. I sincerely hope you enjoy this project, because it has been a labor of love and a master class in the art of patience. 

It's taken me nearly 14 months from the time we started recording this cd to the release date on 2.15.16. Some of you might be thinking "hey man, that's a really long time for a 5 song cd. What took you so long??" I agree, fictional you. It IS a really long time. But that's because I wanted to take my time on this and make sure everything was exactly like I wanted it to be. I would also like to say that I did this all myself, but that would be kind of a lie. My good friend and producer Kiko Negron helped to breathe all of the life and soul into this project. So while I provided the songs and funds for this project, Kiko made it dance. 

So here we are! Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the release, I'll be doing a few things to (hopefully) get you excited to listen to it! It will be available for pre-sale on iTunes on February 8th and will be available for WORLDWIDE sale on February 15, even on Tidal™©, which is so exclusive that I won't be able to listen to myself on there. I hope that you will share this page and snoop around on this website. There are previews of all of the tracks hidden somewhere on this site (hint: it's under the music tab). This has been a long time comin', and I'm thankful for anyone and everyone that helped to make this happen along the way.

- trey